Nutritional Counseling

ILS goes beyond providing meals by offering individualized nutritional counseling to members. This critical level of personalized support ensures members understand the importance of good nutrition and how following a meals program will positively contribute to their overall health.

Why worry about nutrition?

  • Progressive loss of lean body mass is a natural part of aging, with hospital stays greatly exacerbating that process.
  • Research suggests that up to 50% of hospitalized patients are malnourished, and many continue to lose weight after discharge, putting them at significant risk of re-hospitalization
  • Poor nutrition is linked to slower healing rates, increased risk of complications, delayed recovery, and increased length of stay – costly for plans and providers and life-threatening for members

The Nutritional Support Services program offers:

  • Telephonic nutritional assessments
  • Regular quality assurance calls and knowledge & behavior assessments to evaluate member progress
  • Member access to on-staff licensed dietitian for nutritional questions

**To supplement section with guidance from ILS on counseling services**

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