About ILS

Independent Living Systems (ILS) is a health-services company that develops, delivers and manages community-based services and nutritional support for millions of America’s Medicaid, Medicare, dual eligible, and Special Needs populations – including the blind, developmentally disabled, and children – through financial re-alignment programs such as:

  • Dual eligible demonstrations
  • Managed long-term services and support
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Special needs plans (SNPs)
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Accountable care organizations (ACOs)

In partnership with health plans; providers; hospitals; and pharmaceutical and medical device companies, ILS provides managed long-term support services aimed at improving health outcomes while rebalancing costs. The Company’s integrated offering, powered by eCare Central, ILS’ award winning technology platform, provides assistance beyond the clinical realm at every stage of care – from acute hospitalization through experiences with chronic illness, to personalized care management for the long term including nutritional support.

Independent Living Systems is committed to enhancing quality of life through innovative health and support solutions that help improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and foster independence.

Redefining Healthcare Values

Through its holistic approach to long-term care, ILS helps individuals balance social and medical services, with an emphasis on delivering compassionate, supportive care to as they recover and stabilize through a critical episode, chronic illness or the natural aging process. Too often, the notion of “healthcare” is reduced to clinical services, medical procedures and solutions aimed at a discrete condition. At ILS, industry-leading programs are uniquely designed to address the full spectrum of a person’s individual needs, including critical basic requirements of food, shelter and companionship.  These programs lay the foundation for more effective clinical care and a happier, healthier individual.

Controlling Costs with Community Care

The key to controlling costs lies in transitioning long-term care from institutions back to the community. ILS is uniquely positioned to facilitate that transition. The ILS team draws on deep experience in managed care, especially for Medicare & Medicaid populations, and couples this with a commitment to restructure healthcare delivery in a way that enables efficient, cost-effective and personalized care.

ILS features five synergistic programs that help manage aging individuals through critical stages of care. ILS programs are designed to easily integrate into existing health plan models and together provide comprehensive, cost-effective long-term care. The company was founded in 2001, and today provides services to over 3 million covered lives on behalf of its health plan clients through operations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the history of ILS here.

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